Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nothing like a Premier League weekend !

The English Premier League is undoubtedly the life and soul of my weekend. It's like a weekly pilgrimage to various stadiums, among the chanting fans and right there with the Game. Saturday mornings would be bleak without the EPL to look forward to in the evening. And the game never fails to deliver. Ever. There is always an amazing match/ goal / freaky event that just lights up the the day.

So its Saturday and I religiously do my work  (  something I dont do very often) and eagerly wait for the match to start. Ok its Kick-off time , I switch on th
e TV , sit on the couch and guess what... Giroud had already scored! This happened last weekend against Sunderland and really this is what EPL is all about!

Another thing I like about the Barclays Premier League is the number of talking points that it gives for the coming week. Every match has something special to talk about and once every there comes a match that starts trending as hell on every social site.

So I'll wrap up for now and I wish all loyal fans and their clubs best of luck for the weekend. May all the matches be fair and nice . May they be entertaining and memorable in the spirit of the game. And Arsenal faces Stoke City , hope they get a good result. Peace.

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