Monday, 10 October 2011

Robin van Persie steers clear from Questions on his Future at Arsenal

    Robin van Persie , who recently joined the elite club of having scored 100 goals for Arsenal FC , reaffirms faith in Arsenal and believes they have got the courage and strength to plow back to the top after a disastrous start to the season.Taking the positive points from the derby loss RVP promises lots of improvement from the Gunners in the coming games.

Van Persie told the Sunday Mirror: "I have every trust in the things we are doing within the club."

"There is only a fine line between winning and losing. Just look at our last match against Spurs. We could have won that game with the chances we had. There is no need to panic for anyone."
"Our start is not good. I would have felt better if we had won the derby. We didn't and right now there is a negative feeling. But I assure you, it is not all that negative."
"It is up to us, players and staff, to sort it out on the pitch," added the Netherlands international.
The Dutchman is rumoured to be considering an offer to extend his stay at the Emirates, but refused to discuss the issue, preferring to concentrate on his side's current fortunes.
He continued: "I am not going to make any statements about my future. Not now, not for a while."
"I've been at Arsenal eight years and that is quite extraordinary these days. Which is why I treasure this. What my future will bring, nobody knows."
"I can understand people are curious, but I am just dedicated to everything at Arsenal right now."
I guess as Arsenal fans we have to put our faith in the Dutch striker to pull Arsenal from its sticky spot and stay with the club in seasons to come. 

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