Sunday, 25 February 2018

Arsenal vs Manchester City | Carabao Cup Predictions

With the Cup final today, here are some thoughts on what we can expect.

Match Time: 10pm IST, 5:30pm GMT

My Prediction

Arsenal 2-2 Man City
Arsenal win on penalties

ARS: Monreal 45', Aubameyang 78'
MCI: Aguero 5', Aguero 51'

Arsenal host top-four rivals Manchester City in their Super Sunday clash at the Emirates
Courtesy: Sky Sports

Key Events:
  • Aguero scores an offside goal
  • Aguero scores a penalty
  • Both Arsenal goals come from set pieces
  • Game goes to extra time
  • Ospina saves 2 penalties
  • Late Manchester City red card


The Good

  • Aaron Ramsey returns from injury and is available for selection (hopefully)
    • You literally can win any final in which Ramsey is playing (FA cups final winners scored by Ramsey, remember?)
  • Key players fit: Ozil, Mkhi, Auba, Ramsey all fit. Combo wombo team that can score wonder goals if they click
  • Wembley effect: Arsenal have a cool win record in Wembley. Successful cup wins and beating Tottenham were welcome results
The Bad
  • Arsenal have displayed horrible form in some of the past matches, not turning up for matches, defensive errors to name a few
  • Super shaky defense even when the team is winning
Manchester City

The Good
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Aguero
  • Pep's bald head
  • Goal scoring juggernaut
The Bad
  • Pep's bald head
  • No fans to fill the stadium
  • *Sometimes* shaky defense

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