Saturday, 8 October 2011

Keep the Faith

The new Arsenal logo to commemorate 125th anniversary of the club.
See the logo on the right? Recognize it?

It's the logo of Arsenal . And I am proud to say that I am an Arsenal fan. 

You think its amusing? Something I should be embarrassed of? To be loyal to a club which hasn't won a trophy in almost 7 years? 

Hell No. I don't think that as a supporter of a 125 year old club, I should be worried about 7 year trophy drought . I won't reminisce about how great it once was , how the Invincibles stood firm in 2003 - 2004 and how Thierry Henry , Fabregas , Nasri prospered in the club. It still is and always will be the club that gives meaning to Joga Bonito. I fell in love with their game , their style of passing and working the ball through the gaps. The way they score their typical Arsenal goals and how they absolutely dominate the mid field area and choke out the opposing team.

 All I want to put across is that every club has it's ups and downs. It is inevitable. And as loyal supporters we can atleast do our bit by staying true to what we love. True , Arsene Wesnger hasn't brought enough experience onto the bench and the team. But surely such minor flaws shouldn't make you forget his achievements.
 Look at the promising new faces in the club.
 Jack Wilshere , the super impressive midfielder with the darting runs. He matched the likes of Xavi and Iniesta in Champions League Q/F's in Pass completion %. Sadly he is out of action till January but he'll be back with all guns blazing.

Aaron Ramsey, the home-grown playmaker, who is continually making a mark for himself with tons of first team appearances after coming back from the horrific injury. An intelligent footballer with a lot of promise, he will definitely go far.

Mikel Arteta. For me this guy is the Number 1 signing of the summer. He has completely blended into the Arsenal game the moment he stepped forth in the red shirt. A wonderful playmaker who always has a measured ninety minutes of skillful and adaptive play.

Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain. Seen as a copy of Walcott but to be honest he is fundamentally different. He cuts in more often towards the goal and isn't afraid to blast in a volley every now and then. Something that's been missing from Arsenal for quite some time. A winger who grabs every opportunity to volley a goal from outside the box. I'm sure he'll make a mark for himself this season.

And last but not the least , Francis Coquelin. The man of the match in North London Derby. An agile and strong player with heaps of game sense . This guy played so well in that match that it broke my heart to see him on the losing side. It goes without saying that he has got tons of potential which I hope Arsene Wenger utilizes in this season. 

So my fellow Arsenal Gunners, think twice before you decide to change your loyalties. Think twice before you give up hope and stop supporting a club you just love to watch every weekend. 

Cut them some slack people. Losing star players isn't easy. 
They'll be back soon. They'll fight back.
 And when they do, they would be fucking unstoppable.

 Remember , the darkest hour of all is the hour before day "
                                         -- An Irish saying.

Yours truly
Gooner Forever.

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