Thursday, 13 October 2011

Player Review: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The "next Theo Walcott" as many people have dubbed him to be but I beg to differ. Yes, Alex is similar to Walcott but yet in a class of his own. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain packs that much needed strength and and power that make the 18 year old extremely effective on the left.
Arsene Wenger's wonderkid signing was brought into Arsenal for a reported fee of 12 million euros from Southampton in the footsteps of Theo.

And did he make a mark in his opening matches at Arsenal! A skillful strike against Olympiacos in the Champions League made Alex the youngest Englishman to score in CL succeeding none other than Theo Walcott. If you missed that goal then here is a quick highlight just for you .

Here's the link

Now focusing on the player's skills and quality ( which you might have already garnered some idea about from above)  I must say that Alex has basically all the qualities of the Theo Walcott at the age of 18 plus the sense of "playing with the team". This point was mentioned by Lawrie McMenemy ( former South Hampton Manager) in his interview:

"He is like Theo Walcott but a stronger version," McMenemy told reporters.
"Alan Ball used to see Theo every week, and he used to say he had speed, but needs to learn to play with other players. But I think that Alex has got that already at 18.
"He is a genuine team player. That's his strength. For his age he is a more complete player than Theo."

Golden words these are that only time would prove.

And best of all is the success he has already achieved. He has made appearances with England under 18, under 19 and finally for England under 21. His latest game with England under 21 against Iceland saw him score a remarkable hat trick  making a point to Fabio Capello for inclusion in the England team as well.

Some facts you should know about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain-

Born on             - 15 August 1993

Place of Birth     - Portsmouth

Playing Postiton - Right Winger

Previous Club    - Southampton

Number             - 15

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