Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Compilation of Podolski rumours

Arsene Wenger never plays his cards this early but never has such a move been so heavily linked , covered and  publicised. The transfer rumour mill is buzzing with the news that the 26 year old German International, Lukas Podolski has agreed 'terms' for a move to Arsenal. However in another report Podolski has denied any such move to be confirmed. I believe it will take place in due time. We'll have to wait and watch.

Here are the links from around the net on th
is transfer move:

1. Bleacher Report- Very authentic, 60% of the times it is true. Do read.

2. Goal.com- Post articles in random haphazard manner so don't trust what it says. I've always noticed that it has articles covering the positive and negative aspects of anything. Read here to get a complete overview of what might be happening .

3. Guardian- Often tries to sensationalize news stories and every article about Arsenal's transfer plans seems to be over-ambitious.

So well I've given you an overview of what might happen and I think you guys would be intelligent enough to know what would happen in the end ;)

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