Saturday, 22 October 2011

Happy Birthday Arsene Wenger! + Awesome skills Video!

Hey its the Professor's birthday! First thing that comes to mind is the status update I made on this day last year.
Arsenal that evening had registered a comprehensive win over Manchester City. They won by  3 goals to 1 and my status update that evening went like this-

Happy Birthday Arsene

Hope you lik
ed the gift.

Yours truly

I wish I could write it again but I'd  have to wait for a day (hopefully!)

And I think Mr Wenger deserves to be at the Emirates stadium . He is our best hope at the moment . All he needs to do is to get some experience on the team and leave the rest onto the players..
Believe in him guys .He has the experience to get Arsenal through these troubled times.

PS: Here is an awesome video of him I saw on YouTube. Check  it out!

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