Monday, 17 October 2011

Arsenal 2-1 Sunderland!! And highlights too!

So another win at the Emirates Stadium much to the delight of Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger himself of course ! Well I must say , I was fairly pleased with the flow game . And Robin van Persie!! What a player! Played like a true captain set out to put his team back on track. But I must say that the back four were exposed again and again by the depleted Sunderland attack. Something that has to improve if Arsenal hopes to earn a place in the top 4.

The first goal.
Sorry didnt see it live.
Turned on the television. Time 1:05. Score 1-0.
What I garnered from the replay was a quick break into the Sunderland half by Gervinho , who passed it onto van Persie, who well.... made it look like kindergarten stuff. A slick controlled shot from the Dutchman's right foot put Arsenal in the lead. Arsenal dominated the next 25 minutes poised to get an easy win from the fixture until.....

(Almost second goal. Robin van Persie made a curling chip over the keeper that God knows why stayed out after hitting the post.Arghhh!! Why??!!)

The second goal.
Sebastian Larsson takes a free kick that will surely go down as the one the most accurate
and well planned free kick ever taken at the Emirates stadium. Perfectly curled right into the side netting. Though it broke my heart to see Szczesney, our player of the month( who even made the most wonderful save against Cattermole's header right in front of the goal!!!), to be at the receiving end of it.

The third goal.
I thought the best free kick of the season till now had already been booked in Larsson's name but van Persie didn't think so . The fabled left foot struck another goal with a massively curling free kick right into the top left corner. Personally I liked this one more . Oh come on van Persie took it after all!

Special mention for Arshavin who made somehow dribbled by four players into the box just dragged his shot wide of the goal post.

Overall , there was a definite improvement in Arsenal's game due to which they stayed on top at the end of 90 minutes. Keep up the good work guys!

And here are the best set of highlights I found on the net .


Enjoy!! :)

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